Chiappa Firearms

MKS is proud to offer Chiappa firearms through our distributors to dealers.  Chiappa firearms are manufactured in Italy in a 102,000 sq ft plant. The company has a USA service facility in Dayton Ohio.

Chiappa has been manufacturing firearms for over 50 years and their products exhibit old world craftsmanship and pride. Every part is manufactured at the Chiappa plant to insure consistent quality and reliability. By utilizing the latest manufacturing technologies such as CNC milling machines and computer-driven verifiers, Chiappa strives to produce zero defect parts and firearms. Should a Chiappa firearm ever require service at the Dayton facility, replacement parts are readily available and require no custom fitting.

MKS is committed to bringing good products at good prices to our dealers and distributors.  We provide products that are well supported by the manufacturer and have good consumer appeal.  All Chiappa firearms offer great quality at a great price.


Please visit the complete Chiappa website at mkschiappa.com