Hi-Point Firearms Congratulates Paul Foley, Winner of the 2014 KTM Sweepstakes!

MKS Supply, Hi-Point Firearms, Neverlost Gear and KRW cycles of Dayton, Ohio (co-sponsors of the 2014 KTM Sweepstakes) congratulate Paul Foley of Fort Smith, Arkansas for winning the 2014 KTM Sweepstakes.

“I was thrilled when I got the call from Mr. Brown at MKS letting me know I’d won,” said Paul. “At the end of April, I was doing some internet research on the Hi-Point 45 pistol that I wanted to buy. When I landed on the Hi-Point site, I saw the contest and entered.”

Paul is self-employed and is also serving his first term as an elected Arkansas Constable. Paul and his wife, Judy, have two teenage boys, Aharon and Evan.

Paul spends much of his free time at the gun club working to maintain and improve his accuracy.

Recently Paul joined the reloading community. “Reloading is something I’ve wanted to do for many years,” said Paul. “Now with the price and availability of ammunition, I decided it was a good time to get started.”

“I’d like to personally congratulate Paul,” said Charles Brown, President of MKS Supply. “This year marks an important milestone for us. We’ve had the privilege of serving the firearms industry for 25 years and that’s why we decided to start off the year by co-sponsoring the KTM Sweepstakes. We plan to round out the year by giving away some Hi-Point firearms. I’d like to thank the co-sponsors of the KTM sweepstakes as well as everyone who entered."



Chiappa has manufactured authentic reproductions of classic historic and modern firearms for over 50 years.

Their offerings include the 1911-22 semiautomatic and Mfour-22 carbine both chambered in .22 LR. This lets you own a classic design and enjoy hours of recreational shooting using inexpensive .22 cal ammo.

Chiappa also offers the Rhino which has revolutionized the revolver with its patented design.

For more information, visit the Chiappa website.


Since 1987, Hi-Point has been known for reliable and affordable semi-automatics.

Over the years, their product line has grown to include 9mm, .45, .40, and 380ACP handguns, as well as 9mm, .40 and .45 caliber carbines.

Hi-Point firearms are 100% American made and each gun carries a transferable life-time warranty.

For more information, visit the Hi-Point website.

We want your input!
Which Hi-Point should we give away?

Our next give away is going to be one of three dipped carbines — 995TS ReaperZ, 995TS Woodland style, or 995TS Digital Snow Camo. Look over the three carbines and cast your vote in the box below.

995TS ReaperZ


The 995TS ReaperZ is a standard carbine that has been dipped in Reaper Z.

995TS Woodland style


The 995TS Woodland style is a standard carbine that has been dipped in a woodland style and features a 4X32 Aim Sports Scope as well as 3 and 9 o’clock side mounted weaver rails.

995TS Digital Snow Camo


The 995TS Digital Snow Camo is a standard carbine that has been dipped in a digital snow pattern and features a 9mm compensator, folding forward grip, as well as 3 and 9 o’clock side mounted weaver rails.

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